Hazard Replacement



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Important!  This is NOT an extended coverage plan.  You do not need to purchase it in advance.  You only need to purchase this if your MassagePod massager has been broken and you would like to replace it.

Accidents happen.  And just because accidents happen, it doesn't mean that you have to lose all of the benefits of your TENS unit!

If you have run over, stomped on, dropped in a fish tank or otherwise broken your TENS unit, you can replace it here.   

Note! The TENS devices we sell come with a manufacturers warranty against defects.  Contact the manufacturer  if you need warranty service.  But if the problem is not a manufacturers defect but rather due to some damage to the unit, you can still replace it!

To process your hazard replacement, add this item to your cart and check out.  You will receive a recipt from us via email. 

Print a copy of this receipt and include it in your shipment to us.  We will ship the replacement unit to the address you provide when you check out.

The shipment must include: 

  • The receipt created by processing this hazard replacement warranty.
  • The broken unit.
  • All of its cables (do not return used electrode pads)
  • Original receipt.
  • Original packaging.  
    Failure to include everything may invalidate your claim.


Securely package your return and send it to the company address that will be supplied on the receipt email sent to you after check-out.